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Northwaters and Langskib


We believe in connection to the Land, Water and Sky.

Simplicity. Community. Balance.


More than ever before in our culture and society, young people need the opportunity to find and experience these things. At Northwaters and Langskib, we believe it is essential to their journey into adulthood.

We are committed to empowering young people to grow into the best version of themselves. We believe in teaching young people how to be with the land, the water and the sky, how to be with one another, and ultimately how to be with themselves.  

At Northwaters, we believe our canoe trips serve as an excellent metaphor for life’s journey and represent an important rite of passage into adulthood. We represent a unique blend of adventure and personal growth in a highly supportive, natural environment. We teach and role model responsibility, compassion, decision-making, cooperation, resourcefulness, integrity, respect and common sense. While the experience is challenging, it is not about conquering rivers or mountains. Emphasis is rather upon learning from the land and one another in a spirit that honours balance and respect. We have found that when participants learn to handle life on the trail, they become better equipped to handle life in general.

The journey at Northwaters Wilderness Camp begins with a gathering of all the staff and participants. Together we talk about the things that brought us to Temagami, the community we are creating, and how we wish to be treated. We discuss our responsibilities as members of the community and part of a wilderness expedition. There is time for everyone to be heard. Collectively we agree on basic tenants that will shape our experience—things like honesty, acceptance, trust, patience and humor.  A young person’s first few days at Northwaters Canoe Camp are spent developing the skills necessary for wilderness travel. With the help of the staff and more experienced participants, they learn to portage, pack a Duluth and wannigan, set up a tent, work with others, and of course, paddle a canoe!

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