What to Bring Packing Checklist

We will supply items you do not have!

We can help provide any missing items. Note: We need lead time to do this! 


Please do not bring town clothes. You will not need them. Running shoes or hiking shoes, quick dry pants, shorts and tops, fleece pullover or jacket for warmth. No fancy clothes or fancy shoes are required or useful! Synthetics & quick-dry materials are best; avoid cotton which takes too long to dry. Old running shoes are perfect!

Paddling can include a wide range of weather—nights can be quite cool and days warm. Mostly it is sunny and occasionally it rains. Come prepared for diverse conditions. Pack only the essentials. There isn’t room for extras in the canoe!

Some items are provided for you: canoes, packs, paddles, lifejackets, tents, cooking pots. See the Packing Checklist below.

What to Bring Packing Checklist

Watch the packing Video from Northwaters

  • Note: We use the packing checklist in the link above.

  • Northwaters supplies the waterproof canoe packs for you.

  • We are happy to help provide items you may be missing. -- Just give us ample lead time to help you.