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Realizing Truth and Reconciliation as we paddle together.


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  • Temagami, with Northwaters and Langskib Wilderness Camp


Reconciliation Journey

  • The Gibimishkaadimin experience involves Indigenous youth from across Canada who are 14-18 years old at the time of the canoe trip. It also includes non-Indigenous youth from "Shining Waters" Region 10, who are 14-18 years old at the time of the canoe trip, and who have a connection to the United Church of Canada.

  • There is no cost to the participants. The trip is funded by the project, including air fare for Indigenous youth to Toronto, transportation from Toronto to the camp, canoes, gear and camping costs.

  • Meet in Toronto and travel by bus to Temagami, northern Ontario, to learn the teachings of the land, the Teme-Augama Anishnabai people, their culture and traditions.

  • Travel by float planes to the Langskib base camp in the interior of Temagami where the canoes and supplies will be waiting.

  • Stay for a few days at base camp for orientation and skills training in canoe tripping and wilderness travel. Get to know each other and the trip leaders.

  • Travel by canoe through Temagami, back to Northwaters base camp, building friendships, having fun and learning respect for the land and each other, as well as gaining knowledge in reconciliation and Indigenous culture and spirituality.

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Packing List


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Base Camp and Tripping




  • Youth will converge in Toronto, greet each other, and be transported to the camp in Temagami.

  • Baggage should be packed in soft-sided duffle bags.

  • Cameras are ok on the trip, but we will ask you to avoid texting and email. We are focusing on each other and the land.

  • No smoking, no drinking, no drugs on the Gibimishkaadimin journey.

  • We will provide a "What to Bring Packing Checklist."  We will help provide anything you may be missing.



Get an idea of what the journey will be like by viewing the videos from previous canoe trips: 


The Gibimishkaadimin Adventure

In August, the group will set out on an adventure in Temagami, including a canoe trip, to get to know their fellow Indigenous and non-Indigenous participants. Joined by trained guides, group leaders and Elders, youth will paddle together and set up camp along the way, learning about Indigenous culture and the process of Truth and Reconciliation. There will be lots of great paddling and even some time to rest and take in the amazing views. It's going to be a meaningful adventure paddling together. When youth participants return to their home communities, they can share their experience, and continue to develop their own skills as leaders of reconciliation within their circles of influence. 

What did they say about the Gibimishkaadimin Journey?

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I’m so glad I got to do it.  The high point was getting to know everyone on a personal level.  The low point was saying goodbye.


The trip was awesome.  It was fun.  The best part of the trip was cliff-jumping.


Loved it.  It was amazing!  The high point was home group because I really enjoyed their company.  The stars at night in Temagami.  The low point was the rain on the last day.


I just want to say how grateful I am for this experience.  It was really life changing.  It makes me so happy just to think about it.


I wish that this were an option for more people.  I’m different after this trip.  I have more appreciation for little things.



Youth will be reunited in Toronto for a long weekend in the following winter. Travel expenses will be paid for Indigenous youth. The group will be encouraged to provide input to next year's excursion, and a few may be invited to participate as youth leaders of future Gibimishkaadimin journeys.